1 Hampton Pub – closet venue to JVV, about 10 mins drive south of JVV on the road to Jenolan Caves, circa 1890 country pub recently renovated with rustic décor, dining room with a lovely view, range of hot meals to suit all the family, 0263593302

2 Tarana Pub - 25 mins drive west along a beautiful country road, historical family friendly pub with a great outside courtyard that looks across the local farms, 0263375841

3 Workies Club - 15 mins into Lithgow - comprehensive bistro and snack bar, huge well priced meals, large modern dining and lounge area, 0263507777

4 Secret Ck nature reserve and restaurant - 15 mins into Lithgow, a range of native animals such as emus, dingoes and wombats wander around while you eat in a very well appointed rustic restaurant - the kids can interact with the animals, 0263521133

5 Olivers health food and organic coffee shop - 10 mins into Lithgow at the Shell service station on the highway just as you enter Lithgow, numerous options for healthy eating folk.

6 Tallisman Wood Fired Gourmet Pizza - 10 mins drive to Hartley on the Great Western Highway - nice views of escarpment, 0263552056

7 Imperial Hotel - Mt Victoria Pub - 15 mins drive - grand old mountains pub, large dining room, a range of family friendly meals, 0247871878

8 McD's, KFC, Red Rooster, Mexican - 15 mins at the main intersection fast food precinct on the Highway into Lithgow.

9 Hartley Fresh Diner - 10 mins drive on the highway at Hartley - a roadside diner but with up market burgers and light meals, 0263552275

10 Old Hartley Post office Café – 8 mins drive, in historic village of Hartley on the highway that is also worth a wander around - open Wednesday to Sunday 10am – 4pm, 0412304252

Supermarkets and Service Stations

There is a Coles (11), Woolworths (12) and Aldi (13) in town. They are open till late at night.

For petrol and ‘servo’ supplies like milk and bread then there is a Coles Express service station (5) about 10 mins drive on the highway just as you come into Lithgow (open late) and a 7/11 (8) a little further along at the main intersection into Lithgow on the highway- open 24hrs.

Hampton Halfie

The Workies

Tarana beer garden

Talisman Pizza

Secret Creek Cafe