If you want any of the following tickets then include this in your booking inquiry and we will organise it all for you at a rate cheaper than you will get yourself at the caves.

Jenolan family tourist cave pass (2 adults and up to 3 children)
$60 (short caves)
$70 (longer caves)

each extra child
$16 (short caves)
$20 (longer caves)

children under 6 are free and do not count in the family of 5

Single pass
$25 (short caves)
$30 (longer caves)

Jenolan couples tourist cave pass
$50 (short caves)
$60 (longer caves)

Jenolan family and couple adventure cave with optional abseil
$65/70/150/170 per person (increasing length of cave)

All Jenolan guided cave tour bookings come with a free head set self guided cave tour so allow another hour and a half for this part of the day.

We can organise lunch at Caves House in the exquisite dining room, or you can have something simple in the coffee shop, cafeteria.

By the time you do the two cave tours have lunch and do the walks around the caves area you will have filled the entire day - if you are still wanting for more adventure then travel the extra 30 minutes to the best lookout in the mountains - Kanangra Walls wilderness.


Unfortunately Scenic World will not pre book these passes and they must be purchased at the ticket office ( family - 2 adults and any children under age 13)

For your information - these are the prices you can expect.

Family Passes
Rail, walk and cable way - $70
Rail, walk, cable way and skyway - $52
Skyway - $40

Individual Passes
One Way - Skyway - Adult $9 Child $5
One Way - Railway or Cableway - Adult $11 Child $6
Skyway Return - Adult $16 Child $8
Valley Return - Adult $21 Child $10
Triple Pass (rail, cable, one way skyway) - Adult $25 Child $13
Scenic Pass (rail, cable, return skyway) - Adult $28 Child $14